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Advanced Imaging for Glaucoma

Casey Eye Institute, OHSU

3375 Southwest Terwilliger Boulevard

Portland, OR 97239-4197


Principal Investigator: John Morrison, MD

Clinical Study Coordinator: Janice Van Norman, COT


Phone: (503) 494-8024






Dr. John Morrison, MD

John Morrison`s clinical areas of focus are glaucoma and cataract surgery, and consultation for difficult glaucomas. His research interests involve models of glaucomatous optic nerve damage, mechanism of glaucomatous optic nerve damage, and the correlation of optic nerve appearance and visual fields.






Janice Van Norman, COT

Janice is the clinical study coordinator for the Advanced Imaging in Glaucoma study at OHSU. She is a certified ophthalmic technician and has worked previously in general and pediatric ophthalmology.